B.Sc. (Computer Science)

Program Outcome
Course Outcome

Intake Capacity : 80 students
Course Duration : 3 years
Eligibility : XII Science with Mathematics


F. Y. B. Sc.

(Credit and Semester based Syllabus to be implemented from Academic Year 2019-20)
Semester I

Course Type Paper Code Paper Title
CC – I CS-111 Problem Solving using Computer and ‘C’ Programming
CS-112 Database Management Systems
CS-113 Practical Course based on CS101 and CS 102
CC-II MTC-111 Matrix Algebra
MTC-112 Discrete Mathematics
MTC-113 Mathematics Practical
CC-III ELC-111 Semiconductor Devices and Basic Electronic Systems
ELC-112 Principles of Digital Electronics
ELC-113 Practical
CC-IV CSST 111 Descriptive Statistics I
CSST 112 Methods of Applied Statistics
CSST 113 Statistics Practical Paper I

Semester II

Course Type Paper Code Paper Title
CC – V CS-121 Advanced ‘C’ Programming
CS-122 Relational Database Management Systems
CS-123 Practical Course based on CS201 and CS 202
CC-VI MTC-121 Linear Algebra
MTC-122 Graph Theory
MTC-123 Mathematics Practical
CC-VII ELC-121 Instrumentation System
ELC-122 Basics of Computer Organisation
ELC-123 Practical
CC-VIII CSST 121 Mathematical Statistics
CSST 122 Continuous Probability Distributions and Testing of Hypothesis
CSST 123 Statistics Practical Paper II

S. Y. B. Sc.

Subjects Semester I Semester II Lab Course (Annual)
Computer Science CS-211, Data Structures using C CS-221, Object Oriented Concepts & Programming in C++ CS 223: Lab Course I Data structures &C++ practicals
CS-212, Relational Database Management System CS-222, Software Engineering CS 224: Lab Course II Database Practicals & mini Project using Software Engineering Techniques
Mathematics MT-211 Mathematics Paper I MT-221 Mathematics Paper I Practical Course in Mathematics
MT-221 Mathematics Paper II MT-222 Mathematics Paper II
Electronics EL-211 Electronics Paper I EL-221 Electronics Paper I Practical course in electronics
EL-212 Electronics Paper II EL-222 Electronics Paper II

T. Y. B. Sc.

Semester III (Term I) Semester IV (Term II) Lab Course (Annual)
CS 331 System Programming CS-341 Operating System CS-347: Lab Course I Practicals based on CS-331 & CS-341
CS-332 Theoretical Computer Science CS-342 Compiler Construction
CS-333 Computer Networks-I CS-343 Computer Networks-II CS-348: Lab Course II Practicals based on CS-335, CS-344 and Computer Graphics using Java
CS-334 Internet programming-I CS-344 Internet programming-II
CS-335 Programming in Java-I CS-345 Programming in Java-II CS-349: Lab Course III Practicals based on CS-334, CS-345 and Project
CS-336 Object Oriented Software Engineering CS-346 Computer Graphics